Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits start at £45 for unframed,  £60 for framed and measure approximately 12″ tall.                                                                   If you are interested in commissioning a piece please get in touch but please note that these are popular, book in plenty of time if it’s for a gift. (not weeks in advance but months).

Ben The French Bulldog 2
Ben, The French Bulldog

Ben The French Bulldog.

I met Ben and his owners at the Borders Vintage Car Association Show at Thirlestone Castle, Lauder, Scottish Borders last year (June 2017).                                                     There were many distractions around and I had to be quick to take lots of photos of him in different poses.

         Maisie The Miniature Schnauzer 

I had no photos of Maisie to work from and had not met her. This portrait was to be a gift to my customer’s Husband and I had to be careful I didn’t give the game away when contacting my customer for more information on any little characteristics that distinguished Maisie from other dogs of her breed.

I met her when I delivered the finished panel, what a happy, lovely natured wee dog she is.


Misty & Storr the Skye Terriers

A Lovely pair of rare breed Skye Terrier dogs who are parents to 6 puppies of the 40 Skye Terriers born in 2017.

I thoroughly enjoyed making this panel, it was certainly a challenge finding the correct colour and texture of glass that would show the breed’s distinguishing characteristics, for example their lovely ears!


Ozzie The Cocker Spaniel

These photos are the same panel, one with the light behind it and the other up against a wall.

She is proudly hanging in my friend’s window and is looking great especially when the sun shines.