Next Fair

OMG! Where has this week gone?

I can’t believe that my weekend at Stirling was almost a weekend away and tomorrow I will be at an event in the Kaim Hotel in Bathgate, 11am – 4pm.

I have been busy expanding my stock, making robins, blue tits (both of which haven’t been made for a while), hearts and more, trying to make items that suit all budgets starting at £5.00

As usual I’m rushing about to finish everything, I really need to work out a routine that suits my way of working (random disorganisation Lol) as I tend to cut and grind many projects at once rather than starting one and finishing it in one go. At the end of the week I rush and struggle to assemble and solder all these lovely pieces of glass hoping that they’ll be ready for sale the next day, I’m not always successful.

Here’s hoping for a busy day tomorrow.


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