This Page is Still Under Construction


My client contacted me to discuss commissioning me to make a gift for his wife to celebrate their Pearl Anniversary.                                                      We arranged to meet to discuss their requirements; a meaningful piece that represented them and their married life.                                                              My client is a Yorkshire man, his wife Scottish, they have 3 sons and live in East Lothian, a county they love.

On this page you’ll read about the stages involved for me to complete a beautiful and meaningful window panel that the family will cherish.                        


After meeting my client and his wife and finding out a little more about them, what was important to them, I worked on a draft sketch and sent it to them for approval.


This panel was constructed by using 2 different methods:                     Traditional Lead Lights and the Tiffany Copper Foil.

This image shows the outside border glass edged with lead came and nailed in place. The glass used for the border is deliberately lighter round the bottom, becoming darker as it reaches the top.                                                                    I’ve done that as the top of the main picture is the night sky.


When making a lead light panel you normally begin in one corner and work diagonally towards the centre then on to the opposite corner. I was unable to work this way due to this panel being circular and having a mixture of lead and copper foil.

The Thistles and Yorkshire Rose have been edged in copper foil as  the pieces are too small and intricate to edge in lead.

Thistles and the Yorkshire Rose are one of the most important elements in this design as my client is from Yorkshire and his Wife Scottish. The other elements at the top of the panel are Zodiac Birth Signs….one for each family member.

The panel is developing nicely in this image. 

Grass is being added..a slow process due to all the little curves round the thistles, light corn coloured glass placed ready to be marked for cutting.  There are 3 different colours of blue..the sea, the daylight sky and the night sky. The Bass Rock in place but still to be finished, Zodiac Signs have been marked out ready for cutting and Tantallon Castle is still to be cut out also.

I use my glass saw, which has a fine diamond encrusted blade, to cut out tight corners.


Here we have the grass in place with just a few infills to complete, the zodiac signs have been cut out and fitted.

It’s looking good and taking shape.

The panel is now assembled and ready to solder.

This view of The Bass Rock and Tantallon Castle has been taken from a photograph I took when I was out researching East Lothian landmarks before meeting with my customer. I provided a selection of photographs for them to choose.

I have also managed to add the lighthouse on the Bass Rock..a fiddly job as the glass pieces were so small.