I was invited by Skirling’s Woman’s Rural group, near Biggar, to perform a demonstration of my craft at their meeting last night. Demonstrating my craft is a good way to promote my business and inform people of the wonderful pieces that can be made by the copper foiling method.

Timing is crucial at these meetings as I only have around 1 to 1.5hrs for this, therefore I need to plan ahead and make several pieces at various stages of assembly that will save time on the night.

I decided to make a sunflower and had already prepared plenty of pieces, some just cut into shape but not ground smooth, others ground & foiled and the rest partially soldered.

The evening went well with everyone, an audience of 13, asking plenty of questions and showing interest. I had also arranged to bring a few other pieces for display and I’m pleased to say that I sold a few items too.


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