Commissioned Work

On this page you will see some of my commissioned pieces:


This was my Brother’s Landrover, ‘Betsy’.                                                                                                                     It was commissioned by my Sister-in-Law and was my first commission.                                                           Although the image doesn’t show it, the panel has been made by using a combination of copper foil and lead  the border is edged with lead.

Standing Poppy

My Customer loves Poppies and commissioned me to make 3 as gifts for family members.                             I came up with this design, a freestanding poppy in a vase, it stands 24cm/9″ tall.                                                                 Since publishing this image and making another to display at craft fairs I have received many orders for this piece.

Sm Horse Tea Light Holder

A freestanding horse’s head..a Birthday gift for a girls 16th Birthday.

Her favourite colour is black, the glass I used, Bullseye, looks great with a light behind it.

Budgies 3

I had to take loads of photos of these budgies. They wouldn’t sit still at all…definitely photo shy.


Stump Tailed Macaque 

A special request by my customer who loves monkeys


 Owl Coming into Land

Like myself my customer loves owls.                                                                        This particular piece is freestanding and is supported by a thin brass pipe at the back.



This window panel ‘Family’ was a Pearl Anniversary gift from my customer to his wife.

To find out more about why this panel is named ‘Family’ click here