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Where can you buy my products?

Well, apart from contacting me directly or visiting a craft fair that I’m at you can see and buy my items at: Liberty Star Trading, Selkirk (in the Post Office) and No 8 At The Gallery – Artisans, Antiques and Beyond in Cowdenbeath, Fife. I am also in the process of making my products available in Peebles.

North Berwick Craft Fair

Saturday 8th April 2017.

What a glorious day! Sunny, warm and ideal for a visit to North Berwick. I was all set up in St. Andrew’s and Blackadder Church waiting for visitors to check out the craft fair.

North Berwick was busy with lots of visitors enjoying the sunshine but did they venture into our fair…nope. It was quiet and several stallholders didn’t have a sale on the day which I have learned can be a common complaint. Fortunately I’ve never experienced this although I have been to a couple of fairs where my takings were not enough to cover my costs, these I call my marketing events and hope that I receive business from my promotional work.

As time goes on I am learning what sells well and what to make for future fairs, these past few months have been a huge learning curve for me and I hope that I am able to build on what I’m learning.

I don’t have a fair booked for next weekend as I need to replenish my stock, complete commissions and make plans for some larger events due later in the year.

My next fair to look forward to is at Strathaven Rankin Church from 11am – 3pm.


Welcome back to my blog!

Since my last post I’ve been to 3 fairs;

  • Dalkeith, St Johns Church, 25th March – This event was held inside the church which has been newly renovated to accommodate events such as this one. Lots of space and a lovely bright venue. The weather was lovely and you would have thought that we’d be busy with lots of curious customers, but that was not the case and stallholders wondered whether the fair had been advertised enough as many visitors spoke of not knowing that the event was on. However even though we were quiet there was a lot of interest at my stall and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of sales I received.
  • Erskine Bridge Hotel, 26th March – I was here at the end of January where by it was busy with lots of tables and customers but today was quieter, not so many tables which can sometimes be a good thing for me. Today was also Mothers Day but we were all hopeful that we’d have lots of customers as the hotel was fully booked for lunches.     I managed to cover my costs purely because the commission panel of the two Skye Terriers was to be collected today. My customers were delighted with their purchase.
  • Morningside Makers Market, The Columcille Centre, Morningside, Edinburgh, 1st April – A slow start to this event was felt by almost all the crafters, perhaps the dull weather was to blame because when the sun came out after lunch the customers followed!  All in all I was happy with the sales I had, I certainly made more than my last visit here.

Attending these fairs has meant that I’ve been working hard to replenish stock and to finish the Skye Terrier panel. In addition to this I’ve now got an outlet in Cowdenbeath, Fife that is stocking my goods, No. 8 at the Gallery – Artisans, Antiques and Beyond. I also have had to replenish the stock that I’ve delivered here…I hope that I’ve not taken on too much.

So what next?

Well I’m working on more commissions, a horse’s head that is almost finished, a panel of a schnauzer dog – a present for a customer’s Husband’s Birthday. This has to be finished for the middle of this month, after this one another panel of a cocker spaniel, then another horse and finally a quote that I have given for another panel has been accepted. This will be competed around mid summer.

In addition to these I have lots of events organised, my next one is on 8th April at St Andrew’s and Blackadder Church in North Berwick. I hope that you’ll come and visit!



Well what have I been up to since my last post?

I’m busy, busy, busy!!

I’ve attended a few fairs, North Berwick where I did a lot of promotional work and received a few commissions…..always welcome. Last weekend I did a 2 day event at The Centre in Livingston. I was really nervous about this, hoping that there would be no hitches and worrying about lots of silly things; what if my stall is not good enough, untidy or I don’t have enough stock. These worries were unfounded and I fitted in just fine. The other stallholders were helpful and welcoming.

On the second day I had help from my friend, Susan, allowing me time to have a break away from my stall. Thanks Susan you were great!!

Well I didn’t sell a lot of stock over the two days but I received several good priced commissions and there was plenty of interest which may generate more business.

So I’m working hard to finish a complex panel of 2 Skye Terriers that have to be delivered in just over a week’s time and I’m also working on a horse’s head tea light holder.

These two pieces should be finished soon then I can concentrate on my next two fairs – 25th March at Dalkeith, Midlothian, St. John’s Church, 10am – 2pm and 26th March at Erskine Bridge Hotel, 12noon – 4pm.

I’ve loads more news to tell but I’ll keep that for another day….

Peebles Craft Fair

Peebles Craft Fair

Sat 18th Feb 2017 – Today I had a table at a craft fair in Peebles, where I had the opportunity to promote my work to visitors.
I enjoy these events, meeting other likeminded people, networking and constantly learning about this new world I’ve entered.
The fair was quiet as expected at this time of year, the weather didn’t help much as it was damp and drizzly however I did sell a few of my pieces and received a couple of orders so it wasn’t all bad.

What’s next? Well I will be starting my commission pieces, a panel of two Skye Terriers, a horses head and a bullfinch. I also have to continue to increase my stock in preparation for my next fair in two weeks at North Berwick.

Recent Comments

    Promoting my Work

    Today I had arranged to meet a customer for morning coffee and to deliver a commission piece that I had been working on. This piece will be a gift for her Mother who loves Robins, always a popular choice. I was asked to make a box with a separate robin fixed onto the lid. My customer was over the moon with her order and said that her Mother would love it

    I forgot to take a photo of this piece but have messaged my customer asking if she would forward a photo to me….watch this space. However if you want an idea of what this box looks like check out the image of a light coloured box with oak leaves and acorns on it, just imagine a robin on the lid instead of the leaves.

    After this meeting I went to several shops and galleries in Peebles to promote my work and find out more about selling my goods in their premises. I won’t say where I went to just incase nothing happens, but I must say that these enquiries had very positive reactions.